North Fanno Creek 7.3 miles run (8/24/13)

Another beautiful day “in paradise”  with some “liquid sunshine” in late August!

  • Thuy (a veteran V-runner) was off for months came to visit us and went from zero to 7.3 miles with ease :-). Yeah!
  • Joon and Gary came out to see us.  Thank you both!
  • Jared’s first longest run-ever 7.3 miles!  Great job my friend.
  • Smahane showed up four consecutive times to run with us.  Yay!
  • Happy Birthday Marc. Larson.  You are da-bomb!  Ran additional miles for 13+ miles!

7 of us from SunstoneRC are ready to take on Oregon Wine Country ½ marathon next week – Sept. 1st.





8 miles Cooper Mtn. Nature Park Run

What a beautiful morning for running with a beautiful and macho team  😎

Welcome back Arundhati and Smahane! (and the “long-term-but-abandon-the-team-for-along-time” member – Lacey. HeeHee..)
Welcome Tom to SunstoneRC.  You were awesome!
We had a great time racing each other.
Shannon Slogan=”I will make Awkward =Awesome”!  Yeah!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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13.5 miles Fanno Creek 8/10/13 :)

Totally awesome run today with the team. Temp. was around 60F in the early morning. 13.5 miles was hard at the end due to hot weather after 10AM!  We had fun/hi-five/joke/chat/hangout during breaks.  Our buddy Mark did not read the “memo” carefully and showed up at location #2.  Thank you Mark for running back to location 1 keeping Shannon company (and ran alone back to location 2 to drive home – U R Ironman indeed!).

*Shannon:  You are Awesome.  First 13.5 mile distance ever and you ran like “no tomorrow” with Mark.
*Sach/John, hope your feet’s blister will heal soon!  Thank you Phil for showing up and running with us  – the fun team – the first time!  Welcome back Ashraf after missing in action for a while 😆

Have a great weekend everyone!

Our running plan for today:
Some of SunstoneRC members are preparing for the Oregon Wine Country ½ marathon ( on Sept 1st.   We plan to run the entire 13 miles this week and the taper the subsequent weeks.
Team 1: (Hai/Al/Shelly/John/Linh/Sach /Mark W./Shannon/
13 miles
Start 7:30AM at Sexton Mtn. School Parking lot and run toward Scholl’s to meet team 2 then head toward Tigard Library and back à Fanno Creek for a total of 13 miles.
Team 2: Weida/Cathy/Phil/Deepayan.
6 miles
Start 8:15AM at location below and run with team 1 to Tigard Library and back à Fanno Creek for a total of 6 miles.
Back In Motion Sports Injuries
11385 SW Scholls Ferry Rd
Beaverton, OR 97008

sunstone arrow Letdothis

Beautiful day for taking pictures.

Happy Running Team!  🙄

Kathy/Shannon/Deepayan/John.  Look over here — at the camera.. HeeHee..  :mrgreen: