10.5 mile at the beautiful Fanno Creek Trails (9/14/13)

Another beautiful morning for 10.5 miles run with the team at the beautiful Fanno Creek Trail and finished with the Tom / Al Haggen killer hill!

  • Jeff broke his PR today for longest run ever! You are now ready for Columbia G. half in October!
  • Shannon ran the same speed of sub 7 min/mile whether it is up hill or down hill!  You are da-bomb Shannon!
  • First 6 miles for Kandi.  As well as Danna-Our youngest team member and the upcoming rising star of SunstoneRC.  Yeah!
  • Welcome back Long.
  • Welcome Arvind – our newest member!
  • Have a great weekend everyone!

Beautiful Fanno Creek Trails1241165_10151980293545809_1901743818_nIMG_1350IMG_1352

Team Da-Bomb!IMG_1354 IMG_1355

Saw my Buddy Paula on the way back from Fanno Creek!IMG_1356-001 IMG_1359

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon (9/1/13)

What a wonderful Sunday morning at OWC 1/2 this morning. 60F temperature. Ten of the SunstoneRC Gang showed up and rolled the wine country hills. We had a great time!  :mrgreen:  IMG_1321 Biggest Medal SunstoneRC had so far 🙂

IMG_1235 Wine Tasting before the start people!

1150833_698142890200212_1420893402_nBeautiful sunrise at the Stoller!

IMG_1238 - Copy We are here.  Ready to roll.

IMG_1239 - CopyYou Betcha!  Elite runners only..IMG_1243Aww.. You guys are so cute!!

IMG_1247 - CopyDa-bomb 1-2-3 team!

1237070_698139806867187_704851384_nWhat a beautiful morning at the vineyards! 🙂

IMG_1250We did it!  Check out the huge medals!!

IMG_1251 - CopyMike and Al are coming!

IMG_1256 - CopyWow!  Mike you went from 0 to 13.1 miles straight – Skip 5K and 10K.  Congrats.

IMG_1260And there is Kent at the finished line!

IMG_1261We did not know where John is until I found him!  Yeah!

IMG_1264The Dream Team!!

IMG_1265 - CopyDa-Bomb#1

IMG_1271 - CopyDa-Bomb#2 – Second Marathon and Sach did 1:45!  Yeah!!  Best wishes for your upcoming school year my friend!  We (SunstoneRC) will miss you!

IMG_1272 - CopyDa-Bomb#3 IMG_1274 - CopyDa-Bomb#4-5IMG_1275 - CopyDa-Bomb#6-7


Da-Bomb#8: Usane Hai Bolt1080467_10151953024925809_1994508651_n


IMG_1276Oh Oh!  Hai falls down and cannot get up!  He had too much wine!!  😎

IMG_1279The Entire Dream Team

IMG_1282Except Hai. 🙂

IMG_1285Aww.  Just barely legal to drink wine Kaley!

IMG_1289Yes, Gents.  Ops. Photo-Bomb.  Who is the guy on the far-left.  We don’t know him!

IMG_1290Two teens at the wine drinking event!

IMG_1291Hong, you have enough now my dear!

IMG_1292Yes Sir!

IMG_1294This is fine wine Gents!

IMG_1296I swear this is my friend Paula when I first saw her.  She actually a Boston finisher.

IMG_1303Hang time!!IMG_1304 IMG_1305Kaley don’t need to stretch.  Wine will relax your muscle! 🙂

1011563_698139450200556_26601063_nUpcoming Juilliard Ballet dancers 🙂

IMG_1306Aww..  So cute.  You are so fast today Hong!IMG_1309Wine makers at the finest!IMG_1312

IMG_1314The pro winemaker!IMG_1316 IMG_1317Hai and Mark had too much wine!