4.5 mile / 10 mile / 5K Bowman Nike race 7/28/18

We had a super fun day today.
Early Sat morning: 4.5 mile team 1. 10 mile super hill cooper mountain team run.

7PM in the afternoon: 5K Bowman Nike race . Hot weather but lots of shade in the route. Super fun to run across the lawn with sprinklers on in the heat.. Lily (Rick‘s daughter killed it at 6m/m pace ! Good Race ! Capt. Hai met his idol ! Shalane Flanagan ! 

8PM in the evening: Yummy food/beer at the end of the day at Mcmenamins. Yeah !

10 mile super slow-fat-burning-after-4th-of-July-BBQ-feast  Jul / 7th / 2018

Gorgeous morning for 10 mile super slow-fat-burning-after-4th-of-July-BBQ-feast 😁😜

Other SunstoneRC members rested today to get ready for the Fuel of Fine Wine half marathon race tomorrow.

Welcome back Anil !

Our “the one-and-only beauty” showed up this morning.. She got a little issue with the knee which needed a little TLC at the end of the run..

We got flooded route, we had disco corner.. nothing but great time..

Have a great weekend everyone !