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Welcome SunstoneRC

SunstoneRC consists of (more than half) members from Intel Corporation as well as non-Intel members. The majority of us lives in Beaverton and Hillsboro areas and a few in downtown Portland.  Our members run at different paces ranging from 7 min/mile to 10 min/mile.

Why do we run together? Health and Friendship and Fun!

Safety is our value!  Tips : link

We like to joke around with each other and compete with each other often holding mini “competitions” on our weekdays runs. Members can also get great running tips from our veteran runners. We discuss everything from proper running form to suggestions for running gear and advice on fueling and prepping for long runs. We also train new runners who have not run further than 2 miles before, to complete both a half marathon and full marathon. However, most important benefit of our club is that we motivate and support each other. Some individuals may have a hard time getting motivated to run when it’s cold and raining. Some may be recovering from injuries or health issues, and some may just not know where to begin when it comes to running. That’s where our group really shines! Even in the grey Oregon winters, Sunstone Running Club brings their own sunshine with its positive energy and upbeat attitude that makes its members excited to be there.

We accept people from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you’re a first time runner or a seasoned veteran, you’ve come to the right place. We always have someone leading the runs and pushing the fast runners to run faster, as well as someone hanging out as the caboose to make sure that no one is left behind.  There is no fee to join our club  🙂

We encourage everyone to relax, have fun, and be who they are. Our team has a vibrant energy that motivates people to get out there and run! While we take our training seriously, we also firmly believe that enjoying the run and time spent with friends is equally important. Sunstone Running Club inspires people to run, because of it’s positive attitude and wacky sense of humor. We are those people that you see smiling, laughing, and high fiving you as you run past us making you think,  “hey, running looks like fun!

We meet three times a week.

  • On Weekday (Tues and Thurs), we start 6:30PM (wait max is 6:33PM) at Sexton Mountain Elementary school parking lot.  We run an avg. of 4.5 miles.
    Sexton Mountain Elementary School Address:
    15645 Southwest Sexton Mountain Drive
    Beaverton, OR 97007
  • On weekend (Sat morning) we run an avg. of 10 miles (or more) depending on what we are training for.  We always run at different locations depending on the weather and team member voting. We want to make run always interesting with varieties of running routes.  See example of running routes by click on this link -> Running Routes
  • We also send out email reminder via Google Group email distribution to our members Tues / Thurs morning and Friday morning for Sat run.

We run all year round – rain or shine. The only time we don’t run would be due to safety issues like strong wind causing branches break away from the trees to hit runners or ice on the streets causing slippery etc..

Contact Info:  sunstonerc@gmail.com
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